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About us

Our mission and vision 

At Growing Minds we believe that parents are the first and most important educators of their children. You want the best for your child, for him/her to have fun in a stimulating environment while they develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. This is where Growing Minds becomes your partner and friend. Come grow with us.

Our Mission

Growing Minds mission is to enrich young minds with a lifetime love for knowledge and learning.

Allowing children to be heard, to bring their visions to life is vital to the family of Growing Minds. We will encourage children to take ownership of their ideas and creativity in order to promote self-esteem and self-worth. Walking through our doors your child will know he/she has entered a special place.


Our Vision

Almost 90% of a child’s brain is developing by the age of five. To make the most of the early years we invest early, share, play, encourage, explore and communicate.

In pursuit of these goals, the school will maintain accessibility, published curriculum, an on-going evaluation of programs.

Growing Minds preschool is well equipped with age appropriate activity rooms that bubble with excitement and fun. Our children will be busy digging in sand tables, dressing up in costumes – enacting and role playing, enjoying a story, building with blocks, creating colourful pieces of art, singing and dancing along with the daily dose of ABCs and 123s.

Our monthly themes will become weekly topics so that together we learn how to discover the world around us to interact, grow and make positive changes in our own universe.

Admissions Open

We are now accepting new registrations for the upcoming Academic Year (2024-2025) commencing 3rd September 2024.

More info

Kindly email at info@growingmindsriyadh.com or call us on 054 819 5951 for further information and scheduling school tours.