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Early Bloomers

4 to 5 years


Social, emotional, cognitive and physical development

At this stage our curriculum is designed to promote all aspects of a child’s development – social, emotional, cognitive and physical – while inspiring in the children a love of learning, creating and participating in the community of a classroom. As the children progress from pre-school to kindergarten, the teachers place an increasing emphasis on preparation for kindergarten.

  • Structured circle time
  • Structured classroom behaviour
  • Master listening skills and directions
  • Master recognition of letters, numbers, shapes and colours
  • Beginnings of writing skills of letters, their names and small words
  • Master the understanding of phonics
  • Development of math skills such as simple addition/subtraction
  • Beginnings of computer skills and its functions
  • Preparation for kindergarten


2 to 3 year old


3 to 4 year old


4 to 5 Year old


5 to 6 Year old

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We are now accepting new registrations for the upcoming Academic Year (2024-2025) commencing 3rd September 2024.

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