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5 to 6 years

Our Petals curriculum is designed to engage students in hands on learning and essential skills to make a smooth transition to Grade One.

The skills developed in earlier stages are refined here to prepare the graduate of the pre-school program. The child will be proficient in reading, writing and mathematical skills. At this stage the child will also be introduced to subjects of Social studies and Science. Our Petals program is designed to engage students in hands on learning through play.

  • Disciplined circle time and classroom behavior
  • Master listening skills and directions
  • Confident to do independent writing
  • Proficient reader of the Ginn Reading Program
  • Proficient in printing dictation of words and spell master
  • Introduced to sentence writing
  • Further development of math skills to two-digit addition/subtraction
  • Introduction to basic problem solving
  • Further development of computer skills and its function


2 to 3 year old


3 to 4 year old


4 to 5 Year old


5 to 6 Year old

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Admissions Open

We are now accepting new registrations for the upcoming Academic Year (2024-2025) commencing 3rd September 2024.

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Kindly email at info@growingmindsriyadh.com or call us on 054 819 5951 for further information and scheduling school tours.